Visual Paradigm DB vs Hibernate

Working with Hibernate on Oracle database sometimes the joins introduce a performance problem, due to the fact that Hibernate is not able to control the Oracle optimizer. Therefore the programmers are always requested to write their own data access layer with direct jdbc calls.

How does VP DB solve these kind of problems ?

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Thank you for your message. We allow user to create customized SQL statements when generating persistence layer. You can customize the query for enhancing the performance. For more information about the SQL customization, please visit

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

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I know that the DBVA is using hibernate as the object persistence core. But this is a good idea? Can I upgrade the Hibernate library? And can I change to generate JDO etc?

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Our persistence layer (orm.jar) is built on top of Hibernate. Our persistence layer adds some features for supporting advanced object to relational mapping. On the other hand, our code generation engine can generate Java classes and class to table mapping file based on the class diagram and entity relationship diagram. The code generated by our code generation engine is highly optimized to maximize the performance and minimize the overhead in talking with database. We also enable you to customize the persistence classes to better suit your programming needs. Here are some of the features highlights in related to generating persistence classes:

  • Generate Java class that conform to Factory design pattern
  • Generate all persistence related method as Static method
  • Generate Java class that conform to DAO design pattern
  • Generate POJO persistent API
  • Criteria class generation (Simplify the way to querying database with criteria)
  • Smart association handling (Updating either side of a bi-directional association will automatically trigger an update on the other side)
  • Customizable way of error handling
  • Generate Servlet filter for web application development
  • Advanced support for different sub-class strategy
  • Advanced persistent and model API for saving/loading and managing the model


Can I upgrade the Hibernate library?

May I have your email address so that I could send you the details about this topic?

And can I change to generate JDO etc

I am sorry, but this is not supported at the moment. I will forward your comment to your developers.

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This is a real torment to use your orm.jar. How can I persuade my customer to choose this? You don’t have any performance/memory testing report. Even now we don’t know what did you change in the hibernate library.

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Sorry for my late response.

You don’t have any performance/memory testing report.

Thanks for your comment. We are now working on this.

Even now we don’t know what did you change in the hibernate library.

Most changes are located in the org.orm package, inside the orm.jar.

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I was impressed with the efforts you have taken to develop the product & details involved in its code generation.

I would be pleased to know, if you have any support of code generation using JPA or JDO.

I would recommend you to have a code generation platform ready for Google app engine.