VP Online/Desktop synchronization does not work properly

If I delete a project and create a new project with the same name via VP Online, VP Desktop does not open the new (empty) project but the old (probably cashed) one.

How did you delete the project? Only from the online repository or did you also remove it from your harddisk?

My theory is that you removed it from your online repository but didn’t do that for your local copy, and that can indeed result in one part still being available on your computer. Yet that’s not a bug but intentional behavior.

Projects which are under teamwork control can be found within the teamwork_client folder, which should be a subfolder for your main projects folder.

No, I haven’t deleted it from my hard disk as well. However, if I delete a project online and create new one, I at least want to get aware of this in the Open Project dialog of the Desktop Client instead of simply seeing the old project. Even better I would get the option to delete the old and switch to the new project.

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That is an excellent argument, and I definitely agree.