VP Online + Teamwork Server (local)

Hi All,
I was wondering if there is possibility to have VP Online (cloud version) integrated with local Teamwork Server (on-premise). Currently we use VP Enterprise 16.1 (on-premise) with local Teamwork server and would like to upgrade to VP Online and keep local Teamwork server - as local repository due to security & compliance reasons. So I’d like to clarify:

  • is that even possible? what are the potential limitations or risks?
  • is there any impact on collaboration capabilities? we are quite heavily use PostMania and would like to share diagrams also with biz users and other stakeholders with no need of VP Project Viewer installation.

Thank you and regards

Might be possible to use referenced project. Depends what you want to integrate.
I suspect if you only want to use the online version for business visibility then you will need to implement some form of publication workflow. Obviously as you know one purpose of teamserver is to enable business to interact direct with the real model using postmania. Its unclear how the use of VP Online is addressing your security concern if you were - via “onprem” to “online” integration making the models visible thru it and allowing postmania usage. I suspect your scenario is a bit too “enterprisey” and complex for VP to be fair to it.

Hi Keksso,

Thank you for your inquiry. Most features available in VP Online are supported in VP Server, especially for the diagram types being supported. Could you tell me more about why you want to opt from VP Server to VP Online? Are there any features you looking for?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thank you for prompt reactions.

Main concern is how to effectively enable business to interact with diagrams via PostMania or Project Viewer. I noticed there should be no need of license for such purposes but I’m struggling how to use it with TeamWork Server:

  • each user must have created an account with his/her email adress as well;
  • account is associated with license need or am I misunderstanding?

We’re using floating license model for architecture purposes, and then would like to share diagrams on review with business users. And this business review should be license free, if I am not misunderstanding.

Could you please help me out?