VP-SDE for .NET locks up constantly

This is for SDE for .NET professional edition demo

I’m running on a dual-processor machine, so I don’t know if maybe there are thread locking issues at work - but at time, when I try to close any one of the various SDE dialog boxes, the entire Visual Studio IDE freezes up and becomes unresponsive. Sometines this takes a few minutes - other times I have to kill Visual Studio.

Is this a known problem?

Hi Cbs,

This is not a known issue. Could you possibly attach your vp.log?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Khaled,

What are the specs of your machine? When did you download the VP-SDE for Visual Studio??



I’m having the same problem on a monoprocessor machine.

I am having the same problem it just locks up. To bad I would of really enjoyed this program if it was working.

Could you please let me know the hardware and software specification of you working environment? Or if possible, could you please also attach the vp.log to me? For the SDE-VS 2.1 version, you can locate the log file under %VP Suite Installation dir%/visualstudio. This information would be very useful for us to identifying the problem. Thanks in advance!