VP UML 7.2 Sequence Diagram bug


I’m experiencing some strange behaviour when editing a Sequence Diagram (all the more when using zoom -/+).
This is reproductible :

the arrows are visually disconnected from their initial anchor.
The only solution I found was to delete the diagram and rebuild it :cry:.

Another bug (but to be confirmed) deals with message identification.
I’m expecting to have “4:” instead of “3.4” for the last message :

Am I mistaken in some point? As I’m a brand new user of VP UML, I may have misused this tool.

Best regards

Hi jbl,

Point 1 seems to be a bug we have fixed before. May I know your build number? You can check in the Help dialog box (Help > About). If you are using the latest build (VP-UML 7.2 Service Pack 1 build sp1_20100220), could you send me your project file for testing? If you mind posting the project here, you can send by submitting a ticket at:

We will then process your message as soon as possible.

Point 2 seems to be a bug. I have forwarded the case to our developers for analysis.

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Hi Jick

Thank you (again).

Indeed, I’m using an older one: Build 20100115
I’m going to install this sp

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Hi jbl,

Having checked with our developers, the first bug was fixed in build 20100121. Therefore, you should find it solved once upgraded to the latest release.

The second bug is fixed, too. We are now testing the fix. Once it’s ready I will notify you again for an update.

Best regards,

Hi jbl,

The bug of wrong numbering of message is fixed. Please run the update program to advance to patch release. For instruction, please read:


Best regards,