VP-UML Client Shutsdown After 4.5 Minutes?

Hi, I’m havinga problem with new installation of VP UML.

We purchased 2 Standard Editions, and 2 Floating Licenses.

We also purchased the TeamWork environment License for 5 clients.

My first question is: When a user configures their client Standard Edition VP-UML to point to the license server, they enter the req’d IP and Port number of the server machine. If everything is working correctly, will they see any other information in the License KeY Manager Window, to indicate that they have connected to the License Server Correctly?

(Currently we do not see any additional information displayed, however the VP-UML client application seems to run okay, so we assume we have connected ok.)

2ndly: When a client then connects to the Team Work environment, and checks-out a project, again everything seems fine, but after approx. 4.5 minutes, the VP-UML Client suddenly prompts the user to save their work and then the VP-UML Client shutsdown? Why is this shutdown happening?

Is there some setup parameter I’ve missed, is it a License Serve Problem or a Teamwork Problem?

Assistance on this problem would be much appreciated…