VP UML hanging on Linux

I am having a similar problem that was discussed in the following thread. I have installed Visual Paradigm for UML 3.1 (the community java version) and whenever I either try to exit or save a project vpuml seems to hang. I eventually have to kill the process. I am running Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS (V 3) and using 1.5.0 version of java (also tried with a 1.4…2 java version from IBM with the same effect). I have tried the various ways of starting vpuml as mentioned in the thread below to no avail. Has any else had problems with vpuml running on a Linux machine? I have been able to run vpuml on a windows and Solaris machine, but I really need to be able to run it on all or our available platforms.


Thanks for any help

Well, this was a brand new machine not even on our network yet. It turns out that if I just put some fictional info into the /etc/hosts file everything works.