VP-UML integration with NetBeans


I have the professional version of VP-UML, and I’ve run the IDE Integration tool, specifying the netbeans directory for integration. Everything appeared to go off without a hitch, however when I start up netbeans (I’m using the Glassfish ESB / Netbeans 6.1 version) and right click on the project, I do not have a tools menu that shows me the “Open VP-UML Project” or anything of the sort. When I browse the plugins section I cannot find any refrence to VP, however if I look in the bin directory for netbeans, I do have an “sde” directory.

Is there somewhere I’ve gone wrong? Do you have any recommendations as to how I can rectify this situation? I previously installed VPUML integration with Eclipse and it worked fine…

Hi Tmscase,

Thanks for your post. Could you please attach the log file of NetBeans (should be inside %user_home%/.netbeans/nb6.1/var/log) to take a look? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong