VS IDE locks up


I downloaded the community edition last night to have a play with it. I installed successfully, and then tries to start the modeller.

Tools->Start SDE CV-VS

The progress bar very slowly moves across, but never reaches 100%. I left my PC on this morning at 8:28, and at 9:13 it still hadn’t completed.

Whilst typing this message I used ALT+TAB to read the “Tools” menu option and noticed a window in the list with a Java icon. I tabbed to it out of curiousity and it was a registration form.

Therefore my posting is now being changed from being a report about “IDE Locks Up” to “Registration window is hidden”. Not seeing the registration window gives the appearance that your app does not work. I thought I’d let you know :slight_smile:

(Win XP).


Hi Pete,

Thanks for informing us of this bug. We shall look into it.

Thank you for trying our products.