VS2003 and VS2005 at the same time?

I am switching projects from VS2003 to VS2005 - therefore I am using both Visual Studios on the same machine.
New projects I would like to make and model in VS2005 while I still need to word in the VS2003 projects and models.

Is it therefore possible to use SDE on the same windows XP sp2 operating system at same time?
To me it looks as if you allways have to uninstall the one in order to use it on the other visual studio version

Hi user,

I am sorry. You can only install SDE-VS to either VS2003 or VS2005 on your machine. I will let our developers know about your case. If there are any updated news, I will let you know.

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Thanks for the info

I would be interested in a dynamic switch option too,

between VS.2003 and VS.2005, as even for long-term, its necessary to install “all” VS versions on a machine ( due to third party plugins which just work with VS.2003 and which do not install with VS.2005 )

between different Eclipse versions 3.2 and 3.1.2 ( as another tool just works with 3.1.2, I may not switch 100% to 3.2 )

See my message in the section “Download & Installation”


Hi Rolf,

Thank you for your post. I will forward your suggestion to our development team.

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