"Waiting..." message

Our company is currently evaluating VP-UML professional edition. My boss downloaded the free version awhile back, right now I’m in the evaluation period of the Professional version. We particularly like the Java code generation of the Professional version.

My problem is that I am unable to open the project that he gave me. I get a dialog tell me that the project needs to be updated, I click OK, and then I get a dialog that says “Waiting…” and the dialog never goes away.

Thank you for any help.

Oh, I’m running 6.2 (Build sp1_20080417) under Mac OS X 10.5.


Hi Paul,

Sorry for my late reply. It seems that you have ask the same question in the ticket system, please have a check on your ticket for the reply (please correct me if I’m wrong).

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong