Weird Report Writer issue

Hi Lilian - I have a weird problem with a custom report that I have written (based around the work that your engineers did for me).

It pulls together the documentation for the project but for some reason it does not include some types.

Rather than upload my project here can you email me off line and I will send you a copy of the project and the report writer file?

Many thanks


Hello Toby,

Would you mind send me the project file to Thanks!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Toby,

Thanks for sending the files to Rain’s email address. We tried with your project and project template and cannot repeat the problem with latest build. Could you please update your product to latest patch (sp1_20090805u or later) to see if the problem is solved already?
FYI, details about updating to latest patch can be found from:

We look forward to hearing the result from you. Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong