Which version, VP-UML or SDE-?


I am a small time hobbyist programmer developing a software package in the spare time I have during weeknights and on weekends. The software package is a desktop application that creates and depicts 3D models from data that is stored in a database. I would like to start using CASE tools that provide UML diagrams which describe my project as the size of my project is starting to get a little large for me to hold everything in my head with the limited time I have available to me.

Initially I want the tool to be able to work with Python, as I have written much of the initial code base. Eventually, I feel that rewriting the entire project in Java would be advantageous, however, this is still some time away (12 months).

Ultimately I would like to be able to develop the project using round-trip code engineering.

Currently I am IDE agnostic and I could almost get away with utilising a text editor for my coding. As a result, I can move to Eclipse/Netbeans/etc with minimal effort.

I have looked into and downloaded trial versions from the line of products that Visual Paradigm has available, and I feel that having the ability to convert my code into UML, view the objects, edit, and then convert the new UML to code will help me as my project becomes larger. I do understand that the VP line of products do provide full round-trip for Python, which is why I intend to move the codebase to Java.

I do need advice on exactly which product might be suitable. I have looked at both SDE for NetBeans (SDE-NB) and Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML). http://www.visual-paradigm.com/product/vpsuite/selectivecompare.jsp It appears that both products are capable of providing the same functionality that I require, however, it appears to me that VP-UML is a superset of SDE-NB as it can be used with different IDEs and it also has some other extra functionality, specifically of interest is c++ round-trip. If indeed VP-UML is a superset, then I would most likely look into purchasing a copy of the professional edition at some stage.

Am I correct in stating that VP-UML is a superset of SDE-NB in terms of functionality?

Many thanks for any insight that is given.



^^ This helps answer parts of my question.

Starting from VP-UML 9.0 SDE had been discontinued, and now it become part of the feature in VP-UML (all editions). You can simply pick VP-UML and integrate with all of our supported IDE in the same way as the old SDE. More details can be found at


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