Why does VP Online provides free Archimate support but regular VP only in the most expensive edition?

I was searching for a good Archimate tool and found out that while the regular VP provides support for Archimate only in the Enterprise edition which is the most advanced and expensive edition, the VP Online has it in the free - the most basic edition.

I’m a bit puzzled - why there is such a big difference in pricing strategy between VP Online and the regular VP?

Currently the ArchiMate support on the online version is just for diagramming, it don’t have sophisticated modeling capabilities such as reuse of models, documentation generation, TOGAF support, etc… which covered in the desktop version. The online version is aimed to let user create casual ArchiMate drawings, while the desktop version is for companies who need the tool for detail modeling on their enterprise architecture. This is where the price difference comes from. Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

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Alright, thank you for explanation, thank you very much!