Why not adding zoom capability to the "Diagram Overview" pane?


As said in the subject: Why not adding the zoom tools (Zoom-up, zoom-down, zoom-to-100% and the zoom-ratio combo) into the “Diagram Overview” pane ?

Also why not making it possible to zoom by dragging the edges or corners of the translucid purple rectangle in the “Diagram Overview” pane so that it is easy to move and zoom onto the desired region ?

Also could it be possible to put the zoom tools from the master toolbar out of the “standard” group and into their own group so that one can close that group to free space in the master toolbar, if one prefer to access the zoom functions from the “Diagram Overview” pane.


Hello Zart,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have put it into the user wish-list. If we will support your need, I will notify you.

Best regards,

Hello Jick & Zart,

I think there is no advantage to zoom on the Diagram Overview pane which seems to be intended for selecting the viewed scope of the diagram.
For instance if you zoom on your diagram to see only a part of it, then the Diagram Overview shows the scope of your zoom and you can click and change the scope position.

But I would find more ‘useful’ to be able to scroll down or right further than the diagram edges. At the moment to access beyond the limits of the diagram, you have to create an object and move it over the edge of the diagram to trigger the scrolling, or to zoom out quite far to ‘open space’ for drawing.
I would then suggest to have the scroll bars always existing and keeping some “margin” for moving further than the diagram edges.


The zoom tools could be placed in the Diagram Overview pane but still act on the diagram, not the overview.
Also you could zoom in and out the Diagram simply by changing the size of the purple overlay in the Diagram Overview (a la MagicDraw).


ok!!! :lol: