Why so many different report mechanisms?


I’m trying to understand the need for all the following documentation tools in Agilian:

  • “Report” diagram type
  • Project Publisher
  • Report Writer
  • Customization of regular (.DOC, .PDF, .HTML) reports

Is the overlap in functionality just to accommodate people’s different preferences, or are there specific reasons these all exist?

Also, can templates be shared between any of these?


Dear trohricht,

Thank you for your post.

They are there to accommodate people’s different preferences.

Report Writer - An ad-hoc report building tool
Report composer - Works like report writer but with more handy and powerful editing features. Due to some limitations, we are unable to enrich report writer to fulfill all users’ requests, so we introduced Report Composer.
Project Publisher - The outcome is like a project viewer instead of a report. Users can use the exported outcome for presentation.
Report generator - A complete report generation tool. By selecting the diagrams to include in report and generate, a content-rich report can be produced in seconds.

The template cannot be shared between the above features.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung