Will I ever get a License Key?

My Company - Talent Software Services – purchased a copy of BP Visual Architect Modeler Edition yesterday and we have yet to receive a license key. We had trouble purchasing in the first place because our firewall would not allow transactions with Hong Kong. Once ports to Hong Kong were opened we then made the purchase - nothing has happened since.

I built a BP model using the BP Visual Architect Modeler trial edition that I now am having to rebuild in Visio because I don’t yet have a license key and this project is due on Monday. This is my last-ditch request for help, otherwise my company wants their money back.

Dave Bunch


Hi Dave,

Thank you for choosing Visual Paradigm. Our team has sent you the license key on 5/8/2006. Have you received it? Please feel free to let me know if there are any problems.

Best Regards,