Windows Subversion Problems (svn+ssh)


Our team are currently evaluating Visual Paradigm UML. Those on Linux boxes do not have a problem connecting to the subversion server with the TeamServer Client.

However, everyone on Windows gets the same failure message “Error: Login Failed” when attempting to connect to the Subversion server.

In all cases - Windows and Linux - we are using svn+ssh, ie


I have tried this with the svn.exe that comes with Visual Paradigm, as well as the one from Cygwin, but also get the same failure to connect.

Can you confirm if it is possible to connect to a subversion server using svn+ssh ?



Just some further information - there is an ssh.exe being invoked by svn, but it obviously is failing to connect.

If I manually ssh into the subversion server box (using the same ssh.exe), everything is fine - so connectivity etc is not an issue here!


Hello damien_dougan,

Thank you for your post. Could you upload the log file here? You can find the vp.log file inside $vp-suite-install-dir/bin

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Since Windows is not ssh friendly OS, it some configuration. Our technical team will contact you by email to setup a secure on-line session to fix the problem with you. Thank you.

Hello Damien,

I just created a ticket for this issue. Let’s continue there.

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I am a licensed user experiencing a similar problem on both Windows XP and Linux (CentOS 5) systems (problems hanging on SVN commit). The problem was experienced on all Windows PCs we have running VP with build sp2_20070511. Has a solution been found? Can I somehow be of assistance?

One item to note is that our SVN repository will not allow a commit without a tracker item number supplied (in the format [#number]). Could this be part of the problem? The GUI that accepts the SVN message never pops up, so I may not even be getting that far.

Another thing I notice is that when a project is checked-out, opened, and modified, the Tools/Teamwork/Commit and Update menu items are disabled while the demo shows them as enabled.

Other info:
Our repository location is an HTTP address similar to the following:

These are the general errors in my VP log on Windows, where usually in the “Manage Project” window VP does not show me the subfolders or vpp projects in my repository:

 [error] svn: Unrecognized URL scheme for '%20'
[error] ExecuteOutput err %20http:\\\path\to\repository\buildsystem\buildsystem.vpp:  (Not a valid URL)
[error] ExecuteOutput err 
[warning] cannot get xml info from svn server


Subsequently, I talked to my system administrator to disable the requirement of a tracker item numbers in all messages submitted when changing the SVN repository, and that removes a few hurdles. However, the “hanging on commit” issue remains.

I attached a snippet of the log file containing the errors that are repeating during commit.

I’ll start another discussion form about adding custom comments to all SVN repository messages made during modification.


I was finally able to work around the problem (at least for me). It appears that VP does not behave as desired if you manually place the .vpp file into the repository (via an SVN command line program) rather than through VP’s Import capability.

After getting my projects into the repository using the Import capability, I am now successful in checking-in modified versions of VP UML documents and performing SVN updates.