With Auto Stretch Pools, pools are sometimes too long

Sometimes after developing a diagram for a while with Auto Stretch Pools on, the pools are too long for the content. How do I get the pools back to the correct length? I tried turning off Auto Stretch and manually putting the pools back to the correct length, but this caused complete chaos - one of the pools ended up more or less infinitely high, then when I tried to resize it back to normal BPVA hung completely and I had to terminate it.

Thanks - Rowan

Hello Rowan,

The enlarge of the pool is somehow related to the zoom ratio of the diagram. The correct way to fix the pools length is turn off the auto stretch pool as what you did. But resize the pool should not affect the layout of your diagram or causing BP-VA hang. Would you mind send me your project file so that we can try out the problem?

Best regards,