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since I am new to Visual Architect I try to figure out how to work/handle with db views in an entity relationship model.
I didn´t find any suitable comments in the DB´s Visual Designer Guide yet. Maybe I didn´t found…

Currently we make use of the View-Element and add some columns to it that are mixed up from several entities. The views structure comes from the development machine and thus varies from time to time and need to be adapted in the erm.

When a particular entity column has changed, that is ‘referenced’ from a view, how can I achieve an automatic update of the
view column? I think rather of referencing an entity column out of an view than adding columns to a view staticly. Is this possible?

Maybe I am wrong. It has an impact for me managing 50 different views of different databases (MySQL, Oracle…) that are under construction and thus changes very often.

We are using VA Version 5.1 (floating license)

Any suggestions or information would be great.
Thx in advance.


Hello mtc1976,

Actually the view in our current ERD are quite independent with the entities. Currently it only as providing a way to model the view. So when entities changed, you have to modify the view manually.

Although the view and entities are quite independent, you can create transitor relationships between them to ease the navigation. You can right click on the view and select Related Elements > Transit From, and select the related entities. After that you can click on the Transitor icon to navigate between view and entity. So every time you modified the entity, you can go to associated view to do modification easily.

We will consider to provide better support on view in our future release and I’ll keep you informed on any news about this. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Best regards,


Thankyou very much for this information. I´ll give it a try.
And as already mentioned in my other thread, it would be nice to keep me informed on any changes.
Or just answer to this thread when new details are available.

Best Wishes