XMI import from EA model

Hello Jick,

I was trying to export a model from Sparx Enterprise Architct as XMI2.1 model. When importing into VisualParadigmUML a popup says, that “Enterprise Architect” is not a know system - no import possible.


Hi Bernd,

Please provide the XMI file for reproducing the problem.

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Here is an EA export example done using XMI 2.1.


Here is another example.

Before that I downloaded Version 7.0 of Sparx Enterprise Architect and actual version of Visual Paradigm for UML 6.0.

EA7.0 > ProjectBrowser > “Model” > RC > ExportModelToXMI ==>
“Export Package to XMI”:
Root Package: Model
Filename: D:\KDG…\outtmp\Model-XMI-export-070727b.xml
Stylesheet: none
General Options:
[x] Export Diagrams
[] Format XMI Output
] Write Log file
[] Use DTD
] Generate Diagram Images
Format: none
For Export to other tools:
[] Enable full EA Roundtrip
XMI Type: UML 2.1 (XMI 2.1)
] Unisys / Rose Format
[x] Exclude EA Tagged Values
(Warning: These options are for exporting EA model elements to other tools only)

VisualParadigm-Import ==> “Unknown Exporter: Enterprise Architect”

By the way: Why MUST the exporter be known? For proper diagram ex/import, ok. But shouldn’t at least the model information be portable, since standardized?
Why not just warn and ignore sections that can not be parsed?


Hi Bernd,

I have confirmed with our engineers - The current release do not support importing EA’s 2.x XMI. However, this will be supported in the next version, which will be available by the end of the next week. I will inform you once the next version is out.

By the way, I would like to suggest a better way to convert your work to Visual Paradigm’s project. Here are the steps:

  1. Copy %VP-Suite-Install-Dir%/scripts/VP-UML.bat to %VP-Suite-Install-Dir%/bin

  2. Edit VP-UML.bat by replacing RV by v.RE

  3. Save

  4. Run it. This starts the CASE Project Converter.

  5. Select “Import from” for the source

  6. Enter the project file

  7. Confirm the VP-UML Project File

  8. Press Convert.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Bernd,

I would like to inform you that VP Suite 3.1 has been released. The XMI importing function has been enhanced to support your need. I suggest you download and have a try. Here is the download page:

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