XMI Import in VP SDE

When I try to import any XMI file in SDE-VS, Together hangs with the legend “Revalidating Models …” and the graphic at 100%. At the begining I thought that it was because I was using xmi 1.1, but it happens for any files, even a simple one generated and exported as xmi from SDE-VS. [One sample is attached].

I’m using SDE-VS 4.0 (20070420), I updated a previous version because I thought the problem could have been solved …

Any help would be appreciated …
XMI VPPImportProjectExample2 v1.xmi

Hello Ronald,

Thank for your post. Sorry but we do not understanding what you mean by “Together hangs with the legend “Revalidating Models …” and the graphic at 100%”. Could you capture a screenshot to show me your problem? Furthermore, I would like to collect the log file from you. Please export the log file from the About dialog of SDE, and post here. Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

I mean, the form XMI Import stays in the activity “Revalidating models”, and stops advancing. Visual Studio just freezes and i’ll have to kill the application.

hello Ronald,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for any inconveniences the problem may cause you. Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the problem you have. Would you mind trying with a new VS and SDE project, and let me know if this is repeatable? If yes, may I know if you have installed any other plugins into Visual Studio?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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