Hey !
i am a student working with this software… N i must compliment every one in the development team coz its a fabulous software( it has helped me tons)… but now i am a bit stuck… i have to make a project which requires me to make an SRs document, use case diagrams , Collaboration Diagrams , Sequence diagram, and all … Now the project topic can be arbitary but since i am a novice to this all, all i want is a look at some sample softwares developed by anyone or for that matter on any topic… i have searched quite a lot on the net but without avail :cry:

plz do help me incase you can tell me how to get to a sample .vpp file so that i can have an idea as to how the project can be made… :roll: :roll:

Kindly help!!!

thanx a ton

Hello Manish,

I invite you take a look at the samples folder under the VP Suite installation folder. There are some project files in it. They may not be 100% fit to your problem domain, but they can probably help you understand our product better and let you perform modeling with our product easier.

Best regards,