About generating WSDL/BPEL with VP Pro + NetBeans


I evaluate VP Professional 12.0 trying to reproduce the web services artifacts generation technique denoted in “Transforming functional requirements from UML into BPEL to efficiently develop SOA-based systems” article by A Vemulapalli and N Subramanian. (http://www.uttyler.edu/cpsr/files/Transforming%20Functional%20Requirements%20from%20UML%20into%20BPEL%20to%20Efficiently%20Develop%20SOA-based.pdf)

I have successfully exported XMI file contains SoaML modeling results made exact by the “Distilled water supplier” example (https://www.visual-paradigm.com/tutorials/soaml-tutorial.jsp). Then, I tried to export that XMI into NetBeans 8.0.2. IDE previously integrated with VP. And the exporting process always finished with the certain diagrams recreated in the NetBeans Diagram tree view, but the XMI file doesn’t appear in the project tree. When I put the XMI file into the project file structure manually, the context menu called for the XMI file doesn’t have an option like “Generate BPEL” or whatever said in the article mentioned above.

My approach is only different from the published one with using SoaML notation, not classical UML diagrams, but it doesn’t appear to me crucial in the technological aspect of XMI processing context because the XMI contents seem not to enact the context menu items composition.

Please advice me how I can generate WSDL/BPEL/composite app skeletons from SoaML model using VP Pro + NetBeans integration? I know one can do that with the tools but unfortunately, I haven’t found any actual instruction yet.

Many thanks in advance!