Activity diagram: for loop

Does anybody know how to model a for loop in an activity diagram? I tried with the Structured activity node “loop node”, but I can’t figure how to set it’s properties to model a for loop. Let’s say I want to model a loop for(index=1; i<100; i++), do I have to insert inside the loop node an activity for index=1, another one for i<100 and a third one for i++ and then to reference these activites in the corresponding loop node specification dialog box page (variables, setup part, test)?

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I’m having the exact same problem. I can’t find any documentation on this topic despite searching for hours. Please assist. Thanks!

You can model the for loop using “Loop Node with Nested Region”, where the Setup is the initial condition, Test is the loop condition, where the Body is the things will be do inside the loop.

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What do you think about this variation?
The flow final nodes make more clear where each region ends and that the loop exits.

loop proposal.jpg

Or another alternative: