Add wireframe forms to BPMN diagram (BPD)

I think there should be an easy way to add designed forms in Wireframe to Business Process Diagram and let us to export the BPD as a mockup (html) page with containing forms attached to it. So developers would have access to all they need.

Hi Masoud,

Thank you for your post. You may add the wireframe(s) to tasks / sub-processes in a BPD as reference diagrams. Then, publish your project to web content through Project Publisher. I have captured a video to show you how it works. Please visit the URL below to watch it:

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

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Jick Yeung

Second way to produce mock-up’s (instead of wireframe) below:

UML composite structure diagram showing a prototype of the Test… | Download Scientific Diagram (

(more about this: Requirements for forms, i.e. diagrams of complex structures and XML - Jarosław Żeliński IT-Consulting (