Adding free text to Diagrams

Is it possible (appart from notes) to add some free text to the diagrams. Where I am after is the ability to create a “stamp” to the diagram that has a diagram report?

Something like:

Author: <>

Diagram Name: UC01 Reconcile
Diagram Level: KITE-LEVEL

Version: Draft
Date: 16-05-05

Description: This diagram outlines the use cases in the reconcile process

File Name: <<FileName.VPP>>

I used to this with visio, this is handy if you copy your diagrams in to a word document (which will happen often).

The notes symbol does not really satisfy my needs because it does not have file parameters options etc.


Dear Henk,

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll forward this suggestion to our developers to investigate the feasibility of supporting this feature. Any news on this issue will be posted in this forum. If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,