Adding Loops to Sequence Diagrams

I’m new to VP and I’m having trouble adding a loop to my sequence diagram.

I just need to indicate that a few commands will be executed in a loop and can’t seem how to show this using VP. Any help that anyone can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I figured it out, thanks to a previous post I missed the first time through.

For anyone else who is wondering, just make a new combined fragment and you can change the type to loop under the object specification menu’s interaction operator menu.

One more question though, when you create a combined fragment the diagram box has a dashed line through the middle (for alts obviously), is it possible to get rid of this? Right now I just have them dragged out of the diagram but it seems like there should be a way to remove this line. Thanks!


Dear Jade,

You can create a Loop combined fragment directly by selecting the button on the toolbar (mouse press on the Alternative Combined Fragment button for a while until the popup menu appears). By the way, it is possible to remove an operand (each partition in the combined fragment, separated by dash line) using the popup menu.