Adding reference as shape takes a lots of times

Hi guys
Im using visual paradigm 15.0 enterprise edition on a teamwork server . Server is a windows server R2012 and users remote to the server using some zero client devices.
The problem i faced is that adding reference to model elements takes a lots of times.for example when i click add reference as shape and write a letter in the search box to filter results, VP completely freeze to find the relative elements (freeze for 20-60 seconds and even more ).The referenced project has to much elements (about 1000) but it cant convince me to wait for a minute for adding a simple reference.

This problem doesn’t relative to server because all resources(Ram,HDD,… are free and other applications runs fast in client side)

Whats your idea about this problem ? Do i need to edit any configuration of server or VP settings to have a better experience with VP ?

Hi Mamad,

There are couple of performance tune in the recent releases which may already solved your problem. Would you please send me your license details so that I can lookup the record and see will your license entitle for upgrade? Please send the details to so that I can follow-up with you on this. Thanks!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Ok thank you. i will send the email soon.
Let me say more details about the cause of this problem. We tested various cases and finally we found the reason of this problem.
The reason of freezing is Persian characters. Actually when we search an English character, every thing is good and the results of search appears with a proper speed but when we type an Persian character the window completely freeze to find the related shapes.

We also test this situation in a local pc(we install VP on that pc and it dont remote to that windows server). Searching for both English and Persian character is OK and results shows fast.

So we guess this problem relates to some configuration of languages in the windows server 2012 because there is no problem in searching English characters and also there is no problem in searching both English and Persian in the computers which use VP locally.

Do you have any idea about this situation ?