Adding 'values' to the labels in Sankey Diagram

On a Sankey Diagram I cannot see an option to show the “value” as part of the label.

e.g. in a similar way to this basic Sankey Editor - SankeyMATIC: Build a Sankey Diagram where the value appears with the label. Is this possible on your platform?

I know it can be added manually afterwards - but this will take a lot of time for each data point. The tool tip already shows the total, so is it possible to add this to the diagram?

I’m sorry that currently we do not support showing values on Sankey diagram. We will consider to support this in our future release.

Thanks for replying. The data is obviously sitting there (even in the tooltip), so it would seem relatively easy to add this to the ‘settings’ slide on bar as a toggle switch. Then have a position for it next to / inside or underneath the existing label.