Agile - user stories and more

I have a questions.

  1. Why user stories don’t link to a task on the Story Map even they are linked in a business process diagram?
  2. Is it possible to report User Stories with all components to excel? This is the easiest way to manage comments on large projects
  3. Why in the simplified version there is no user story view.
    This is an extremely useful view and could also be used in a simplified version.
  4. Why switching between Complex and Simplified only works down?
  5. Why the same story has different names in Diagram Navigator and Model Explorer
  6. If you have many stories reserved, assigning them to an epic is very difficult. The map does not scroll and the Reserved field is not fixed. It retracts as it moves.

After several days of trying to use in a large project, we feel great discomfort and unpredictability of the tool. Please help us.

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We are using VP for more than two years now and have had many emails written to the service department regarding the user stories and everything connected to it, like:

  • being able to copy tasks with its children (and reset the status of the tasks)
  • better filter handling (enabling, disabling tags for instance)
  • add child tasks to a parent (actually you can only remove them)
  • linking tasks to a user story (from the user story details page)

  • None of those issues have been adressed until now. Instead, with every release, VP is flooded with new diagram types. The core is left as it is.
    As far as I see this, you have an appealing design which is not functional at all (looking at all pictures from VP from years ago, this seems to was different in the early days)
    As you have pointed out, dragging and dropping user stories, epics and alike is a pain the larger the projects get.

So from my point of view, if I were you, I would be looking for another tool. We are at the moment looking for some other tool for the task management. Once we have found this, we are stopping the subscription to only use the UML tools, which are quite good (we have bought the server).


User may gather several user stories in his own defined User Task. Auto create user task by according to task in the business process diagram may not be expected for some users.
Actually, this is a good suggestion for having mapping. We may support on mark a BPD task as an user task in story map.

Because user stories are already flatted in story map.

Sorry, would you explain more?

We have to check, thanks your reporting.

Sorry, we have to enhance.

Mercus, thanks for your reply. We are waiting for corrections.

At 4 point we mean it that you can go from complex to simplified and the other side doesn’t work.
Mercus, do you think about exporting a US object to excel? This is an intermediate form of interface with Jira. Currently, export to excel does not list user stories.

In terms of excel import and export - I have a predicament where a customer has many stories in excel already. Is the inference that I cannot import them ? Im going to log a specific support query anyway but suspect that I will need to somehow transfer their stories to use cases first and somehow import these then transform them to stories but I dont know if this is possible now in the post Uexceler agile tools (it was …). I think this is a problem with agile done badly in that quite often we are presented with stories in what is really just hierarchy within epics with no analysis into releated “groups” of use cases :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions - but if we cant export to Jira then I do think that the tool need to be enhanced to support that becuase like it or not jira is there to stay