Agilian Simulacian Version 3.0 hangs while working

Hi all.

I have been working on Agilian v3.0 for past 2 months.

While creating a new item (whether it be a requirement, business rule or anything) the application becomes non responsive and hangs.

Although it becomes responsive after 4-5 mins and no work is lost.

But it wastes a lot of precious time waiting for the system to respond.

Also, once I created a package and wanted to delete it afterwards. The application took 18-19 mins to delete the work and then respond.

It is becoming annoying.

Does anyone has a solution to this issue.


Hello Raghav,

Thanks for your message and sorry for our latest response. Your experience is extremely abnormal. Would you mind send me your project file (with bad performance) to have a look?

Best regards,