Allow only one instance of plugin to run

Hello guys
I want to don’t allow users to run more than one instance of my plugin at the same time
Does openAPI provides any functionality for this ?
Thanks in advance

Any idea ? :roll_eyes:

Sorry for late reply.

Your plugin should be run 1 instance only.
You may check your plugin main-class (which implemented VPPlugin), its constructor and loaded(VPPluginInfo) function should be called one time only.

Your action controllers (which implemented VPActionController) is created 1 time only.
So, if you will show your dialog from your action controller, you may store your states by your global variables of your action controller.

Hope this helps to answer your question.

But if I misunderstood your problem, may you provide a sample to let me try to answer you again? :sweat_smile:

@peter.wong thank you for the reply
By instance, i mean the process that runs when i invoke a plugin.I dont want to let plugin run again when its running !
Anyway, i can use a FileLock for solving this problem but i wanted to know if openApi itself has any functionality for this