Also problem with licence key for Community Edition


I am also trying to install VP-UML ver 3 Community Edition (latest) but encountered the message “Licence key import is not successful.
This is not a valid Visual Paradigm license key file.”

I want to use the Community Edition.

Can anyone help or send me a license key file?


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Dear Dado,

Could you post your key here?

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I think that is one… of few which I try to import…


Hello Dado,

Your key has no problem. It works in my machine. Please try to solve the problem with the steps below:

  1. Backup and remove %HOME-DIR%/.vplls (C:\Documents and Settings\Jick.vplls)

  2. Restart VPUML

  3. Import the key (the one you posted) to the Key Manager

  4. Start the product

This should solve the problem. If not, please post here the screenshot of the Key Manager.

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Yes, now I can import the key, but that key is
for evaluation edition.
Where I can get key for community edition (or that
is equal key??).
Sorry I don’t understand…

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Hello Dado,

Sorry for not having replied you until now. Yes, the evaluation can work in the Community Edition. It will expire after 30 days.

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Here is information from your site:

"Community License
Community license is free for non-commercial use without time limitation. The Community Edition not only supports the latest UML notations, but also provides several advanced features, such as Textual Analysis and CRC Card for requirements capturing and Entity Relationship Diagram for physical data modeling.

Each project in the Community Edition only supports one diagram for each type. If more than one diagram with the same type is created; for example, there are two class diagrams in a project, there will be watermark on diagrams when printing and/or copying any diagram in the same project.

Ok, thanx anyway…


Hello Dado,

What a mess… :frowning: I typed the message wrongly. Sorry about this. Let me rephrase:

You can import an evaluation key (for other edition) into the Community Edition. Even if 30 days are past, you can still use the Community Edition.

Sorry again.

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