Alternate flows in Use cases and Sequence diagrams

I am creating alternate flows in my use case specifications using first “main” and then the “Alternate” item. When I generate the sequence diagrams I get one for each item.

How do I refer to the alternate sequence diagram in/from the main one and would I expect to see it in the “alt combined fragment” box.


Brian ".

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your enquiry. I think that an alternative use case description itself is a complete scenario, but with some of the interactions different from the primary one. Therefore, you should be able to present the sequence diagram by generating from just the alternative use case description.

If we support generating sequence diagram from multiple use case descriptions, this will cause similar messages to appear in the same alternative combined fragment, but inside different interaction operands, which seems cumbersome and not quite make sense. Am I correct?

Attached is a sample showing my understanding to your suggestion.

Best regards,