Annotations not readable in sub-processes

Hello Jick,

I noticed annotations are shown without text in a subprocess (on screen and on paper print). See below. I think this is the same for text boxes (but since text boxes are invisible, I cannot see if the object is missing as a whole or if only the text is missing).

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Johan van der Lingen

Hello Johan,

I am now asking our engineers about this. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hello Johan,

This option was disabled for performance concern. Now, we’ve enabled that. First, please download and install the patch at:
(overwrite the existing installation)

I assume that you were installing from VP Suite installer. If it was BP-VA installer, please let me know and I’ll give you another patch.

To examine the fix:

  1. Run BP-VA (or VP-UML/SDE, depending on what you are using)
  2. Select Tools > Options from the main menu
  3. Open the Diagramming page
  4. Check “Show rich text content in preview shape”
  5. Confirm

From now on, you’ll see the text in those Text Annotation in diagram preview as other previews like Print Previews and Export Image Preview.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Jick!

Thanks a great deal!

I use the BP-VA installer for Windows.

This is going to help me to create more understandable diagrams (as discussion material). I use the annotations to show who’s sending or receiving certain messages.

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Hi Johan,

Please try with this installer:

Have a nice weekend!

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works perfectly, thanks!

My pleasure! :smiley: :smiley:

Hi there,

sorry for digging up this ten-year-old thread, but I am expieriencing the exact same issue. The option ‘Show rich text content in preview shape’ is checked. However, the text of annotations in my Overview Diagram (containing Business Process Diagrams) is not displayed.

Any idea why this again/still is an issue?

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Hi Lars,

Are there specific steps to reproduce the problem? I just tried create a business process diagram (bpd) with a text annotation, create an overview diagram and drag the bpd from Diagram Navigator to the overview diagram to create an overview shape. With the show rich text option enabled, I can see the content of text annotation in the overview shape. Note that after you enabled the option, you may need to update the bpd a little in order to re-generate the overview shape content.



That did the trick, thank you!

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