Anti-aliasing in VP-UML ME except diagram


I have a problem in VP-UML ME releated with alti-aliasing.
My platform is Linux (Ubuntu 9.10).

As you see the attached screenshot, anti-aliasing text feature is applied to diagram only.
Other texts seems like it wasn’t applied anti-aliasing. (Menu bar, navigator, panels, etc)

So, I make a file, run_vpuml.vmoptions in /opt/VP_Suite4.2/launcher, and Visual_Paradigm_for_UML_7.2.vmoptions in /opt/VP_Suite4.2/bin.
The contents of the files is as follows.


But, It doesn’t worked.

I will appreciate if you reply about how resolve this problem.

Sorry for my poor English,

Thank you.

스크린샷-test * - Visual Paradigm for UML Modeler Edition.png

Hello Eerien,

Would you mind copy all details in the Environment tab of the About dialog (you can select the table and press Ctrl - C to copy them, and paste to a text file) to have a look? Thanks!

Best regards,
Rain Wong