Any way to keep my TOGAF deliverable for future access?

Hi Visual Paradigm,

The automatic ADM deliverable generation feature is great. Being a user of VP Online, I wonder if there is any easy way to keep the generated deliverable as a Teamwork File - no manual file copying but have the document file automatically archive, so that I can share the files easily with my teammates.

Best regards,
Francisco Ryals

Hi Francisco,

Welcome to our forum. The generated deliverables are automatically generated and archived under the Architecture Repository, a visual file cabinet. To open the cabinet:

  1. Select ITSM > Architecture Repository from the main menu:
  2. The deliverables can be found under the drawer Organization-Specific Architectures. Double click to open it.

The files will be uploaded to the repository upon project commit. Your teammates can get the files through project update.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung