API Documentation


I’m trying to create new Activity Diagram Element for my application. Some of the features that I’m developing is some predefined Activity Actions. I would like to include those elements in the Diagram Toolbar. I follow the explanation from the documentation


But I cannot find more information about the plugin.xml file. I need all the properties for all the xml elements (actionSet, action, shapeCreatorInfo, connectorCreatorInfo, etc…).

I also realize that the documentation is incomplete. Not all the methods are describe, and some are not implemented like it is described.

Were can I find a more accurate documentations?

Hello mrgreen,

I was told that there is no/little documentation but if you have a specific question you can get it answered. This has usually worked for me in the past. I’ve also been told things that were untrue so I would highly recommend trying your best to investigate the classes and methods within the openapi.jar. Unless the website for the openapi has been updated I would not recommend using that website as a reference.


Michael Lantz