Are you a plugin developer? You'll want this :)

Hi gang!

Let’s say you’re developing a plugin. You started up your favorite Java IDE and set out to work. After a while you think you’re fully done and build it, deploy it into Plugins folder and then you start Visual Paradigm. But… uh, oh: you find a small typo. You quickly change the mistake and rebuild your plugin.

So now all that’s left to do is to restart VP. All seems well until you suddenly spot a nasty bug during testing. “Here we go again…”; another VP reset awaits you, and who knows how many more?

Well, let’s put an end to that, shall we?

Introducing: PluginReloader (click link to download).

A very small plugin which does precisely what it’s name implies: it will instruct VisualParadigm to reload all currently loaded plugins. You can see a demonstration above.

So: At first I started VP, clicked on the icon and noticed that the logged message was all wrong. Instead of PluginReload it said PR. So I changed this in my source code, rebuild and re-deployed the plugin and clicked the icon again. At this time nothing has changed yet because this action caused the plugin to actually reload.

And you can see that it worked in the last line: there the name has changed from PR back into PluginReload.

Obviously this can’t be left out from the thread:

And there you have it. This critter has already saved me quite a bit of time otherwise wasted on restarting Visual Paradigm, and I hope it can help you out as well.

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