Associating classes within 2 Class Diagrams

How can i show the association of two classes each in seperate class diagrams?
I cudnt find any way to create a shortcut of a particular class in another diagram and associcate it with other class.
The only way i am able to do is to create a new class and name it the class i want, set the association and reference that class to the existing class in another class diagram. But this is not the right approach as when I generate the JAVA CODE…it will create that class too which is like duplicating the class and is not solving my purpose.

Can someone tell me what is the right way to achieve this??


Siddharth Gaur

Hi Siddharth Gaur,

Thanks for your post. You can create a view of one of the class models in the diagram, and draw an association between two class models. Then, delete the view of the class but do not delete the association between them. In this way, you can have an association between two classes which are in separated diagrams.
For details, please refer to the flash movie at the link below. If there are any further inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong