Association Class no longer works in Class Diagram

My class has been using VP 4 UML Standard edition 6.1. I have installed it on a common share which all students can access. Within the last 2-3 weeks they are no longer able to drag & drop the association class in the Class Diagramming tool.
In attempting to fix this I seem to have now disabled the ability to drag & drop associations. However, classes can still be associated by clicking on the class and associating it with another class.
I just noticed another issue, when I click on a class it automatically creates a unary association (the class to itself).

What have I done???

Dear davidcrockett,

Thanks for your message. May I know what is your steps to create the association class?

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I too am finding this - if I draw 2 classes, select them both and then drag from association class on the tool bar and drop on one of the classes, nothing happens.

I can’t draw an association class on it’s own either.



Ah ha - I believe these are the steps required.

  1. Draw class1
  2. Draw class2
  3. Associate class1 and class2 with a solid line
  4. Draw class3
  5. Click Association Class
  6. Draw line from class3 to the line associate class1 & class2
  7. Note that the resulting line is dotted denoting an association class



Hi MC001,

This could be a misunderstanding. The presentation of Association Class is really a dotted line connecting from association to Class. It isn’t a concrete shape like Class.

If there’s anything else I can help you with please let me know.

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