Association Class no longer works in Class Diagram

My class has been using VP 4 UML Standard edition 6.1. I have installed it on a common share which all students can access. Within the last 2-3 weeks they are no longer able to drag & drop the association class in the Class Diagramming tool.
In attempting to fix this I seem to have now disabled the ability to drag & drop associations. However, classes can still be associated by clicking on the class and associating it with another class.
I just noticed another issue, when I click on a class it automatically creates a unary association (the class to itself).

What have I done???

Dear davidcrockett,

Thanks for your message. May I know what is your steps to create the association class?

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I too am finding this - if I draw 2 classes, select them both and then drag from association class on the tool bar and drop on one of the classes, nothing happens.

I can’t draw an association class on it’s own either.



Ah ha - I believe these are the steps required.

  1. Draw class1
  2. Draw class2
  3. Associate class1 and class2 with a solid line
  4. Draw class3
  5. Click Association Class
  6. Draw line from class3 to the line associate class1 & class2
  7. Note that the resulting line is dotted denoting an association class



Hi MC001,

This could be a misunderstanding. The presentation of Association Class is really a dotted line connecting from association to Class. It isn’t a concrete shape like Class.

If there’s anything else I can help you with please let me know.

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You need to improve this issue of tool usability is very bad. I am using the online version I do not have access to the multiplicity option, either one can not make an associative class simply clicks on the icon and nothing happens. Don’t come to me with discover this is in trouble with this tool. Put the butt in the chair and do the tests and see for yourself.

For the online version you can edit the multiplicity of associations from the Settings Panel (see below)

And for the association class please reference to the video below about how it works.


Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!