Association class


If I want to generate an entity diagram using Model->ORM->Sync to entitiy diagram, the associations from my association class (in this case from company to board and from board to board members and from board members to persons) are not taken into account.

Am I doing something wrong?

Pls find attached my class and entity diagram as well as a project export.

I am using latest SDE-Eclipse (4.1, sp1_20071119).

Thanks in advance

Aart-Wichert Groeneveld


Dear Aart-Wichert,

Thank you for your message. I guess your problem is caused by the association between Board and Person was set the not ORM Persistable and missing define the role name. Please try to open the specification dialog of the association and specify the association to be persistable (see attached screenshot), and define the role name for both side of the association. After that the relationships to the link entity will be repaired during synchronization. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,

Thanks, the role name did it