Association end ownership's effect on code generation


Does anyone know what is the effect of setting the association end ownership from “association” to “classifier” on
the code that gets generated?

In other words,

  1. I start with an empty diagram
  2. I create class A and class B
  3. I connect A and B with an association A-B
  4. the association end at A is named as a
  5. the association end at B is named as b
  6. the association end ownership for a is set to class B (by default it is set to the association A-B itself)
  7. I generate Java code for this diagram

How does the generated code now differs if I omit step 5 ? I.e. if I use the default value ?

What is the meaning of setting the association end ownership of a to class B ? What difference does it make ?



ps.: here is the corresponding question with pictures at stackoverflow :