Association method generation

One class diagram with two classes is given, A and B. An instance of A may have 1 to * instances of B. A name is given to the association, names are given to the roles, all the code generation options related to methods & all are enabled, Vector was selected for the “Generate association operations”.

However, I only get a std::vector<b*> _bs; in A, no methods to add to, delete from or get the vector of pointers.

I have other tools which generate the code right but are too buggy to use, this being one of the reasons I’m giving VP-UML a try.

Is that feature non-functional or what? If it is working properly, I’d like to hear how I’m supposed to use it, as there is nothing said about it in the documentation.

Hello andyvm,

I guess you are talking about the C++ Instant Generator feature. Please make sure you have specified the getter/setter option in association role in model in order to generate those methods (see attached pic, and follow the red numbers). If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,