Attribute and Operation stereotypes

Hello Jick,

This is more like a feature request, if you think that it won`t be used by other users, then let me know, anyway for me it would be nice graphical feature.

So as we know there is possibility to create stereotypes, for which we can assign the fill color, line color etc. After we add this ‘tuned’ stereotype to class, then it uses these settings and we can visually see the difference compared to other classes.
There is also possibility to add stereotypes to class attributes(like constant) and methods(like event), but after adding the stereotype to these slots the stereotype settings are ignored, so visually nothing changes, the only difference is that we can see stereotype name in the row. VP-UML also allows to sort attribute and operation compartment by stereotype, so at least we can see grouped stereotypes.
Anyway I havent seen that in other tools is this kind of feature, so maybe it isnt used by users.