Auto saving project (in Netbeans)


I hope this is not a stupid question :upside_down_face:
But I cannot find if VP can auto-save a project.
In the program itself it is not such a problem, because you can use ctrl-s.

But when opening VP in netbeans ctrl-s does not work for the vvp-project. And it is not auto-saving (asterisk is shown next to the project name). So I need to go to the file-menu and click on: save standard VP project. Doing that every few minutes… gets very anoying.

Does VP support auto-saving?
I am still on the evaluation period.

Thanks in advance.

Hi flexjoly,

I’m sorry that at the moment we didn’t support auto-save under IDE integration environment. We will consider to support this in our future release. Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Rain,
ah, Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear that.
What is the easist way to get the project saved any few minutes, with a shortcut maybe? I did not find one so far for this in Netbeans.
Is it possible that at least a shortcut is supported by the plugin?

How do other users do this? Or is the plugin not used very much?

So far I like the plugin because it seems to me, that the php is loaded better into uml-classes then in the VP itself. It seems to give more connections between the classes.

Greetz, flexjoly