Automatic generated diagrams

good day,

We have connected many diagrams with the possibility of subdiagrams. For example we have a Use Case with 4 Use cases and 2 of them has more use case diagrams as subdiagrams.

Is there a possibility to generade something like a overview diagram or an overview report to get out all use cases with the structure of the connection from the subdiagrams?

Hope it is already in the program and I did not find it :wink:


hello Holger,

Thank you for your suggestion.

How do you want the diagram to look like? Could you prepare some sample diagram to show your idea? Besides, I wonder if our Overview Diagram support can fulfill part of your need. The formation of diagram is not automatic, but it provides a diagram for you to present the relationship between diagram. I suggest you try it out.

Best regards,

Hello Jick.

I don’t have an idea yet, how this can looks like. Thats why I asked :wink:

My question in other words: Is there an other benefit for connecting diagrams with subdiagrams then the navigation in VP? Can I have documented this structure somewhere? If yes: how?
May be this is covered be the model view.


Hello Holger,

You may try the project publisher. The published content lets you publish your project as Web contents. Combining with the Overview diagram, they let you navigate to different diagrams easily. You are also right that the Model Tree is presenting part of the structure between models and diagram.

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