Backward compatible


I read that VP UML software is not backward compatible.
But i have a big problem. All the team work with 7.2 version and I create a “big diagram” with version 8.0 (trial release).
Nobody can read my file.
Is there a way to convert my project 8.0 to 7.2 ?

please help me!!

thank you :wink:

Hi donniebrasko,

We do not support backward compatible because user may lost their works due to something new exist in new version cannot be recognized by old version. An example is the introduction of new diagram in new version.

Instead of opening your work in old version, I would rather recommend the rest of your team to advance to the latest version. This is not only for opening your work, but to make it possible to use the new features and enhancements come with the new version.

If you insist you want to open your work in old version, please try exporting your work to XML (File > Export > XML), and import the exported file to old version (File > Import > XML). However, we are unable to guarantee if your work can all be read.

Best regards,