Basic questions I can't seem to figure out. (I'm beginner)

So, I did try searching for these topics, but couldn’t find a definite answer.

I’m doing a Basic Solar Wiring “Block” Diagram.

Here are my questions.

  1. How can I add more connection points to a shape? I would prefer having 4 instead of 3 points. I’m doing large shapes.

  2. Is there a way to make the connection arrows thicker. To represent different wire gauge’s and whatnot as well as more visible to see.

  3. Can I remove the arrow direction? It just feels redundant, and kind of cluttered for what I am doing.

  4. Is there a way I can stamp/fix/join text to a shape. Say I make a square and call it SOLAR BOX, and later on I want to move that shape so that I can make the wiring easier to follow. Is there a way so that text moves automatically with the box??

I think that about sums it up.

Hi eblanc,

So I presume you are referring to Block diagram in Visual Paradigm Online Diagrams. Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. It is possible to have custom connection points of shape, but currently there is no user interface to do it directly, you will have to edit the shape’s style:

a. Select the shape and click “Edit Style” in the format panel:


b. You will notice the style in the form of key=value pairs delimited by semi-colon. Add the “points” style as a test like:



c. Apply the change. You will notice the connection points now changed to reflect the new style. The point is specified in the form of:

[ratio to shape width, ratio to shape height]

so [0,0] means the point is at left and top, while [0.5, 1] means the point is at half the shape width and bottom.


d. For your requirement, you need to use:


and here is the result:


2 and 3. Connector thickness, arrows and many more can be configured using the format panel also:


  1. Two unrelated shapes can be attached together using menu Arrange > Group.

Best Regards,


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Hi Anthony,

Very much thanks for all this information, and extra points for the pictures!!! as well as explaining the style and how the point system works. I still don’t understand the coordinates a 100% like, which side it starts on first, but I managed to understand and experiment enough to get what I needed… So I am pretty happy with the results, as well as I can now see Visual Paradigm as a way more stronger tool with this information, probably will be my go to for all basic block and circuit diagrams!

I wanted to share this with you.

I still have a couple minor questions.

  1. I’m noticing color coded wires are overlapping if I want to bring all red wires to front sot hat the green is not over top of them, how do I do this? I tried the send to back and front but did not work?

  2. I noticed sometimes inserting/moving text and shapes, inside other shapes, sometimes it makes the original shape bigger to fit all that information, which sometimes is annoying.

I think that’s about. I’m inserting an image to share the work. That I have done as of right now.